I have been thinking a lot about my foundation and the foundation that I am laying for my family. Roots create wings and with four children, two of which are flying high now (nearly) out of the "nest" what's constantly on my mind, is how do I create the safest space here at home so not only my children feel secure and rooted but also my husband and me?  I am a very routined person and I know, from experience, that the intention I set for my day begins not in my morning sit, but the moment I open my eyes and the energy that I begin distributing in our home.  Writing this all down is really important, so I thought we would start there...  Feel free to share, or to keep it all to yourself.  I will share my entries with all of you this week.  

What was the first thing you thought of upon awakening today? 

What were the first words from your mouth? 

Who was the first person you smiled at? 

How did you feel?  

What did you do first?

What is your morning routine?  

How are you able to connect to source?  To love?  To gratitude?    

How difficult is it for you to answer these questions?  Why?  When was the last time you paid attention?

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