Group Class Offerings

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow

Bhakti Flow is a devotional practice celebrating a personal connection to Divine Spirit while reminding us to care for each other.  The principals of Bhakti are woven throughout class through mantra, chanting and vibrant music.  Practice space is heated to 90 degrees and wakes up all of the senses.  You will leave feeling connected, fully awake and happy!


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice of non-striving surrender.  Through long held, deep opening shapes we not only become more mindful and present but we also provide space for the body to communicate and assimilate energetically, enabling Qi (prana) to saturate into the yin tissues of the body identifying and correcting any physical, energetic, mental or emotional imbalance in system.  Classes are thoughtfully prepared for safety and deeper inquisition and will begin to lead you into a more mature mindfulness practices.   


Yin/Yang Flow

Each class is intelligently sequenced based on purposeful stimulation of energy through both passive and active movement.  Beginning with deeply held, static postures (Yin shapes) students are gradually led into gentle movement which gradually builds into a more active (Yang) flow sequence designed to complement the energetic intention of the class. This insightful practice will leave you feeling nurtured, balanced and renewed.  Class is appropriate for all levels.